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What happens backstage

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“ Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate. ”


get to know me meme: [1/5 favorite tv shows] 

They call us the global generation. We are known for our entitlement and narcissism. Some say it’s because we’re the first generation where every kid gets a trophy for just growing up. Others thinks it’s because social media allows us to post every time we fart or have a sandwich for all the world to see. But it seems our one defining trait is a numbness to the world. An indifference to suffering.

get to know me meme: [5/5] favorite movies
the harry potter series — “It is not our abilities that show who we truly are. It is our choices.”
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GET TO KNOW ME MEME2/5 favorite musical artists » Beyoncé

"I wanted to sell a million records, and I sold a million records. I wanted to go platinum; I went platinum. I’ve been working nonstop since I was 15. I don’t even know how to chill out."



Joyce Manor San Diego, CA // 2013

honey, i’m not your honey pie.

track: Crazy In Love (cover)
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